Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Time Marches On

...whether you notice or not. I cannot believe it has been almost exactly three years since I've written here. And so much has changed.

Just looking at the header above...I'm no longer a stay-at-home mom and my kids are full-fledged Michiganders now. Not a hint of California left, really, except memories washed with fondness. And those are just stark facts, not the nuance of which life is mostly composed.

Life has changed. We, each of us, have changed. And I wasn't really that aware of the change until I came back to this blog to find a quote for a new mom, a young unsuspecting woman entering this journey. Revisiting an old life here caused me to sit down. And evaluate. (Just for a minute though, because I have to get back to the taxes.) About the good. The hard. The tears. And the trying. And those shiny moments that I'll hopefully remember in my golden years.

Revisiting has also caused me to re-evaluate. (In this 15 minute interlude between 1099s.) Perhaps a new blog should be birthed. Because it feels like "Golden Smiles" isn't what it's about anymore.

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