Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our Cardboard Arsenal

Introducing Ari Hood.

He will rob from anyone and check it off his Christmas List.

About a year ago, it proved challenging to meet Ari's ever-changing weaponry needs. His imagination traveled much faster and was much richer than our bank account. That's when we began our "Found Objects" creations. It began with a cardboard pirate sword and construction paper binoculars and moved on to cardboard battle ax heads attached to a toy golf club. Then we made a street hockey stick for Ally out of a plastic saw and a stick (a la Death's Sickle). There were some bat-shaped throwing stars, which now adorn his bedroom walls. Various tries on a bow and arrow...which brings us to today's pictures. We'd been fairly disappointed with the end results of our archery ambitions until Ari found a bow someone had made on the hill by our house. It'd clearly been lying there for a while so I said, "Woo hoo, let's take it home!" A new piece of elastic and several cardboard arrows later and we have Ari Hood.

Those arrows are sharp.

We'll frequently get some looks as we're playing in the neighborhood or heading to the park and I always wonder why...since cardboard weapons, painted faces and superhero costumes are part of our daily round here, I forget that it could be a source of amusement for "normal" people.

And because I'm not feeling witty and segue-ish today, I'm just going to cheaply tack on the below photos.

Ally sporting her new second hand outfit.

Super Ally, Super Max, Green Lantern