Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Infinite Voices

A friend posted this article on Facebook. It instantly grabbed me. In this time of more change for our family combined with December's introspection and retrospection for me, it feels as if I need a touchstone to ground myself and remind my heart of the things that really matter. So, thanks B, for sending a reminder.

Top Five Regrets of The Dying

For a long time, it's felt as if we've been living in reaction to everything. There's been very little pro action. Choice. Pro active choice. Where did that go? Did I ever really practice that? Perhaps it's time.

To choose the direction in which we desire our life to travel.

To set our priorities and goals for our family and make our choices accordingly.

To remember that this time here is finite. It will end. And when we look back, will it be with a satisfied nod, holding the hand of someone we love?

I set that intention.

And now it's time to wake the kids.