Friday, April 5, 2013

Family Life

A little update on all that is going on here.

It's getting warmer, praise the heavens, though I'd still expect snow to float down any second.

I can't seem to get my coffee right anymore. Regardless of my actions, it still seems to end up too strong or too weak. This is a bad thing in my world.

My glasses have disappeared. For a week now.

Sascha has been sick. For a week now. After proving to him that he does, in fact, have a fever he's decided not to go into work today. This'll be an interesting experiment in which is more restful...a day at work or a day at home while the kids are on spring break.

A large, male robin keeps throwing himself at the garage windows and our front door. There is bird poop and spit everywhere. I papered over the large windows he first started "fighting" so he wouldn't knock himself out and then he moved on to the side windows. Well determined, delusional little bastard, I'm out of paper.

Our 8 year anniversary was yesterday. We had a sitter but had to cancel since Sascha's been so sick.

Was a good thing we canceled because Ally started throwing up after dinner last night. Happy Anniversary, Babe.

Looks to be a lovely day outside. The rest of us will probably be inside...throwing up.

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